New BC Science Safety Resource Manual

The Ministry of Education in collaboration with the BC Science Teachers' Association has updated the BC Science Safety Resource Manual.

The revised manual:
·  highlights the focus on inquiry in the new science curriculum,
·  has expanded safety considerations for elementary science, and
·  includes the updates to WHMIS standards.  

You can find this manual in the tools section on the Ministry of Education website:

BC Science Safety Resource Manual

Science 10-12 Curriculum Drafts - June 2016

The Ministry of Education has posted the revised draft curriculum for Grades 10-12  to their website ( The proposed courses are:

Science 10

Chemistry 11
Earth Sciences 11
Environmental Science 11
Life Sciences 11
Physics 11
Science for Citizens 11

Anatomy and Physiology 12
Chemistry 12
Environmental Science 12
Geology 12
Physics 12

A feedback process will be established on the Ministry of Education website along with the posting. Feedback received will be used to guide revisions and finalize the curriculum during the 2016/2017 school year.

Final Version - New K-9 Science Curriculum

The final version of the new 2016 K-9 Science Curriculum has been completed and posted:

Ministry of Education K-9 Science Curriculum Website

A printable version of the curriculum can also be found here:

New Science K-9 Curriculum

Current Science Curriculum

The IRPs for all current 10-12 Science Courses in BC can be found on the Ministry IRP Website

Exam Specifications:

Science 10 Provincial Exam Specifications

Other Useful Documents:

Provincial Exam Calculator Policy
Science 10 Student Databook
Sample and Released Provincial Exams