Biology 11/12 Links

This site has a wealth of information on the history and use of microscopes.

Genetics Science Learning Centre
An excellent site covering cell structure, DNA and the uses of genetics.

The Cell Membrane
Lots of information about the cell membrane, including many good photos and diagrams.

Transport of Materials In and Out of the Cell
Information and Diagrams explaining all the different methods of cell membrane transport.

Museum of Bacteria
This site covers everything that you might want to know about bacteria!

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
A U.S. Government site giving excellent information on all known diseases. offers resources to enhance teaching in the biosciences:

- Peer-reviewed, easy-to-read articles on bioscience issues, which make excellent student reading material or content for case study activities
- Educator-written lessons to accompany many of the articles with handouts for middle school, high school, and/or college level students is an education resource of the American Institute of Biological Sciences. Our site was chosen best biology site by Scientific American and is featured as a recommended resources on major websites with science content, such as Nova,  PBS, BBC, and National Geographic.